Introduction About Brand Identiy| Introduction About Brand Identiy

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Introduction About Brand Identiy

What is brand identity system ?

Brand identity system is all printed stationery, pictures that businesses using to promote communicate to customers, partners. Every publications, images must be synchronized, easy to identify, differentiate with other businesses.

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Brand identity system is a tool to express the identity, the culture of a business  , messages through images, language, color and media channel  .... . Objective of designing and printing the brand identity is not only creating differentiation, specific personality of business but also getting towards influencing awareness and create a sense of the size of an enterprise and professionalism

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There are many types of brand identity system, such as the brand identity for office, product, media and outdoor activity.

  • The office brand identity includes logo , slogan, business cards , letterhead, envelopes, ID cards, uniforms, leather,..
  • Brand identity for product: packaging, label, labeling, warranty card, warranty stamps, books, manuals,...
  • Media brand identity: brochures, catalogs, profile ,…
  • Outdoor Brand Identity : billboards, signboards, banners,...

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