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Business Cards

Stand out from the crowd with custom business cards. Upload your own logo, photo, or graphic, or use a pre-existing template. Skinny profile cards are a cool alternative to standard-sized business cards and fit even more easily into a wallet or small purse.

Business cards
have different sizes depending on use/application, preference and amount targeted to be included in them. It is understandable that, business cards are produced using computer software and sizing is done at printing and/or designing. Business card size can also vary depending on of a number of factors, for instance, whether the cards are folded, two-sided or just of standard size.

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An extra side for design might be needful if the amount of information to be included in the design is large. For instance, a company might want to promote or offer a product on the other side of the business card. An extra page with measurements similar to a standard business card is reproduced to act as the backside.

Customization of business cards might cause size variations from the standard business card: for instance, one might need rounded edges or bigger-than-usual cards.

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Product Details

- Design Fee: Free

- Dimensions: As required (93x57 or 90x55)

- Material: Conqueror, paper art, paper Couche (200,250,300 DL) Mica, plastic, wood, or Offset ...

- Printing: many color 1 or 2 sides, (usually in 2 color, 4 color, 2-sided)

- Processing Finished goods: finished cropping, inviting staff, rolling ball.

- Close the box: customized size.

- Exercise date: Getting the right upon request

Company industrial offset printing machine C7000 (only in Hanoi) 100 papers/ minute

-Quantity: As required.

Business cards have a royal legacy in inviting potential clients to businesses or companies. Which is the most appealing business card size? When it comes to business cards, consider a small size. A small card doesn’t mean less information. This depends on who design them for you. A small informative business card brings out the professional investment in your business. Are you wondering why business cards are still important in this era of information technology? Well, we are in the information age. Therefore, you would expect all business ads move from traditional offline advertisement to online. Nevertheless, information marketing using cards is unique and works perfect offline.

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A business card size also matter. Business cards are the most convenient way of exchanging information. About 1 second is enough to sell your business direct to a potential customer compared to any other method. Do you see the importance of a business card size? To convert client to your business this way, your information card should appeal. Technology comes in here to help you design a unique and selling card with a professional theme.

Since its establishment, in 2004, Printshop in Hanoi - Vien Dong., Jsc has been pushing the edge of progress in the fields of design and corporate printing. Print store Vien Dong employs a team of highly qualified designers with years of experience. We’ve built a reputation in Hanoi’s design and printing industry, offering high quality advertising services at reasonable prices. We take pride in our timely delivery service, coupled with our sincere after sales service.

Meeting the need of printing at the fastest with the most reasonable cost!

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